Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 23

mom is steady on the ECMO - they gave her steroids last night to try and help her lungs heal...mom is the first h1n1 patient on this machine in ontario...basically the 2nd one in canada... there are lots of people keeping a close eye on her.

she is now clear of all infections...including the h1n1 virus...now we are dealing with the after effects of what it has done to her lungs.

her lungs have to make improvement in the next couple days on this machine in order for her to survive.
please continue sending your prayers...


  1. ATTN: Everyone reading this message

    Mish will be included in the special intentions at Mass on Thursday night at 7:00 at Sacred Heart Church. Everyone is welcome to come and pray for our special friend.

    Bev, Lisa and Wendy

  2. She's rallied before and she will again. Praying each day and always in our thoughts. Gord is taking good care of Stanley and the kitty. They are in great hands. Our best to all of you.
    Steve and Jean Whitney, Amanda, Laura Matt and Kyle.

  3. Oh Thank GOD!!!! This news is very encouraging and makes me so happy. I understand she is not out of the woods yet but with the infection gone, maybe she won't have to fight so hard.
    Thank you Kate I have been waiting to hear some good news as I know you have too.
    GOD BLESS you & your family.
    Miss you Mich,

    Buffie, Germanton NC

  4. I am so glad she is clear of infections. You can be sure that lots of prayers will be said for her recovery.

  5. She is in good hands.......... if there is anyone who can survive this it is Micheline! She has such a zest for life and a incredible spirit that will get her through this.
    She is in our prayers..........

  6. You guys have been amazing through this whole ordeal. So many prayers have been coming your way since this first began. You guys are all I think about.
    I am so glad to hear the ECMO is doing what it's supposed to do. It's a ray of hope.
    Thinking of you guys, and wishing I was there to help.
    Love Aunt Gill, Steve, Liam and Lola xo

  7. Wonderful news that she is doing ok on the ECMO & improving otherwise!! I think this will be the break she needs for her lungs to heal. I know she will get better. Keep fighting Mich, we're all behind you, praying for you everyday.

  8. I read some amazing stories regarding the ECMO machine and what it has done for patients...it makes me hopeful.

    This is wonderful news about the infections being gone...that's half the battle fought and won.

    God bless all of you...your strength is amazing and all of you are in my prayers. Hold tight to eachother, take care of eachother.

    Micheline, keep fighting my friend. You are so loved and missed. xoxo

  9. Yahoo! Thank God. We will continue to be vigilant with our prayers. There are so MANY praying for you.........all of you. We will NOT stop. Hold On!!!

  10. Hey Mich,
    Mimi sends her love and tells you to kick this thing in the butt and get back here! She misses your smiling face and beautiful curls!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Such promising good news. Micheline has a spirit like no other. She is an amazing woman and is loved by so many. Stay strong Mich...
    Kate and everyone else stay strong for each other you are in our thoughts and prayers as well.
    love sandra, alyssa and kyle

  12. Oh that just brings me to tears, knowing that she is still fighting strong. God is with you all, and He is helping your family through this. Still praying, and will be until the day she is home with you all again. God bless you all

  13. So glad to hear some good news. I know that she is still critical but she will keep fighting. I am amazed at your strength McEwan family. Hang in there. We are all here for you and Mich. We continue to pray every second of every day. Sending hugs, kisses and lots of love, The Elsleys

  14. Yahoo!! I just know this is the end of the backsliding and now she's got nowhere to go but up! Thanks for the updates Katie! You certainly made my day today.......I needed to hear something positive about your mom's health. She'll be up and around before we know it! Thinking about you guys constantly, remember to keep care of yourselves too!

  15. Clear of infections and soon to be clear of the woods, I pray! Thanks so much for the encouraging news, Kate. If there is such a thing as a quota on prayers, we've long surpassed ours in the Wright house, but they won't stop and they are for all of you to remain strong and try not to let the stress and worry knock you down. To reiterate the above sentiments - Miche is one tough lady -she's proven that already by beating the odds thus far, so I have faith that she will continue to do so and see her way clear of this. Please tell her I love her and miss her and I can't bear to see that red sweater hanging over her chair, without her in it any longer! If she wants to keep her new office with the window she had better get in here and fight me for it herself, or I'm moving back in (and boy did she rub it in when she got to move into it)!! Still praying by the hour and sending healing thoughts....Tanis and the Wright Men

  16. Mike and Family, We are praying that Micheline will be breathing on her own very soon! It's nice to see you are a close family and that's what will help you through these difficult days. Stay positive, we will continue praying until Micheline comes home! Sorg family

  17. Micheline is in my thoughts and prayers. She has been added to the list of those we pray for at St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church. Today's news is very encouraging indeed. All the love and support from family and friends can't help but make a difference in her recovery. Take care. Bonnie Neely - Cancer office volunteer

  18. This ECMO has given us new hope.............. and Micheline has proven to us again that she is a fighter and CAN do it! All the love and support of such a strong and wonderful family and an amazing support of friends who are praying for her will no doubt help her to recover from this.
    We are sending you our support Mike, Kate, Kelsie, Chrissy and Trevor and the rest of her beautiful family. Stay strong - she KNOWS how much you love her and THAT will make her fight even harder. God will see her through this.........

    Love and hugs from the Cicchelli's (and Mimi and Papa)

  19. Kate, please read these wonderful notes to your Mom, I know she can hear you and she must know how much she is loved by so many....you are all continuously in my thoughts and prayers. Cathy M